Friday, April 9, 2010

Susi's German Pasta Salad

Growing up in Germany I was introduced to this pasta salad as a young girl. I guess my mom found the recipe sometime in the 70's in a magazine and it has been a family favorite ever since.
I always looked forward to my mom making this salad. I remember us (my sisters and I) putting dibs on the leftovers if there were any. I introduced my own family to this recipe many years ago and it has been just as well received. My children will also fight over the leftovers, just like I did many years ago with my own siblings.

This pasta salad is made quickly and tastes great with just about anything from grilled chicken, to pork, beef, or sausages. Sometimes I even leave the ham out and make it a true vegetarian option depending on who is eating.  Because of the mild flavor of the canned peas and carrots this salad has proven over and over that it is a favorite with kids even if they are not too keen on vegetables. The dressing isn't as rich tasting due to the sour cream content which will cut the heaviness of the mayonnaise but I've also made this salad time and time again with low fat ingredients with the same great results.

I hope you'll give my German version a try, maybe it will become a family favorite for you as well.

Susi's German Pasta Salad
8 ounces Elbow Pasta 
1 (15 ounce) can Baby Peas, drained (I prefer Le Sueur Brand)
1 (15 ounce) can Baby Carrots, drained and sliced (Le Sueur Brand)
1 (6 ounce) pack boiled Ham, diced
1/2 cup pickles, diced
2 tablespoons pickle juice
1 tablespoon white vinegar

1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons prepared mustard
1 tablespoon pickle juice
Pinch of sugar
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and place in a large bowl. Immediately add the pickle juice and vinegar, toss to coat the pasta. Let cool slightly, then add the peas, the carrots, ham, and pickles. Mix together.

For the dressing add sour cream, mayonnaise, mustard, pickle juice, sugar, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Whisk together. Taste for seasonings.

Add the dressing to the pasta mixture and toss to coat. Refrigerate for about 2 hours before serving. 

A Susi's Kochen und Backen Family Recipe 


  1. This is my favorite side dish ever!

  2. Sounds so versatile! Would love to give it a try.

  3. oh mamma mia... pasta with white vinegar and sour cream and mayonnais and sugar and also mustard? only one comment with smile: "de gustibus non disputandum est"! P.S. but simple is the best wenn wir cuchen...
    I suggest: italian pasta (pennette, sedani) with original extra vergine italian oil (toscana z.b.), italienische kleine tomaten, with also schwarzen oliven and basilico STOP: you can see and translate the recipe on: Thank you and Guten appetit (^__*) Simon

  4. Sounds great - one question: did you use dill pickles or sweet gherkins? Thanks for sharing all your lovely recipes!

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for stopping by :o) I use dill pickles in this recipes. Hope you enjoy this salad as much as we do!

  5. I love this recipe! Reminds me of when I lived in Wiesbaden Germany

    1. Hi Anna, thank you! I'm glad this salad brought back some memories :-)

  6. This is fantastic. The only thing I do is omit the carrots.

  7. Very close to my German mother in law’s. I don’t remember sour cream or pickle juice in the recipe. We also added about a cup of small cubed diced knockwurst.

  8. I love this salad. The only german pasta salad for me, and my german partner approves!

  9. By the way, do you use American sour cream or German sour cream? Because when I use sour cream in Germany, it's more sour than American ones.

  10. It's just like the pasta salad from the snell imbiss. Memories from my childhood, thankyou


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