Friday, September 3, 2010

Ice Cream Fridays: Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream and Giveaway Winner Announcement

Welcome to the final installment of Ice Cream Fridays for the year. All of you ice cream fans, this does not mean that I won't be featuring seasonal ice cream flavors every now and then, it just means, that for now it will not be a regular feature anymore. But don't fret, Ice Cream Fridays will be back for sure next year with new ideas and flavors. For the time being though, I'm cooking up a couple of different ideas for a new Friday feature, so stay tuned to see what I have in store.

Which ice cream did I chose to cap off my feature? It is none other than a Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream with Chambord. To break this one down with one simple word would be: Decadence. I had this flavor bookmarked in my all time favorite ice cream book, "The Perfect Scoop" for a very long time. I figured there was no better time than now to feature a flavor combination that I have loved for as long as I can remember, raspberries and chocolate.

This ice cream was another very easy, non-custard based, quick to fix recipe. Heavy cream, unsweetened (dutch processed) cocoa powder and sugar are whisked together and brought to a boil. Fresh (or in my case freshly frozen) raspberries are added and left to "steep" for a bit. The mixture is then processed in a food processor or blender until smooth, and finally strained to remove all those pesky little "get stuck in your teeth" seeds. To kick the flavor up another notch, I added a couple of tablespoons of Chambord liqueur to really enhance the raspberry flavor. After chilling in the refrigerator for a few hours the mixture is churned in an ice cream maker.

True bliss with every creamy, rich, decadent bite. On first taste you think it's just a chocolate ice cream until the bright tartness of the raspberries gets you upon swallowing - heavenly. One of my definite favorites this year. One that I will be making over and over again. Maybe next time I'll add some chopped semi-sweet chocolate to the final mix to make it even better (if possible).
In case you were wondering what my personal top 5 ice cream flavors were this season, here they are in no particular order:

- Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream with Chambord

 And finally, here is the winner (who was generated by of the giveaway. The winner receives the book that has brought me,
and hopefully all of you, so much joy this summer:

Congratulations to:
who said:
"I recently purchased an ice cream maker so I've been enjoying your ice cream posts. I'm a Nutella fan."

Please contact me by email with your address so I can send you the book! :o)

Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream with Chambord

1 1/2 cups (375 ml) heavy cream
5 tablespoons (40 g) unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder
2/3 cup (130 g) sugar
2 cups (240 g) raspberries, fresh or frozen
2 tablespoons Chambord liqueur

Whisk together the cream, cocoa powder, and sugar in a large saucepan. Heat the mixture, whisking frequently, until it comes to a full, rolling boil (it will start to foam up). Remove from the heat and add the raspberries. Cover and let stand for 10 minutes.

Puree the mixture in a food processor or blender. If you wish, press the mixture through a mesh strainer to remove the seeds. Add the Chambord.

Chill the mixture thoroughly, then freeze it in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Adapted from: The Perfect Scoop


  1. Susi- Chocolate and raspberry is a favorite of mine as well and I love your idea to use the Chambord. I can see why this was one of your favorites. It would be mine too!

    Congrats to Carole. I'm sure she'll be in ice cream heaven with her new book!

  2. Yummmmmmmmmmm! Chocolate, raspberries, and Chambord? Oh man, I'm there. What could be more perfect than that? I love the simplicity of this recipe, as far as its preparation. You know, Susi, I have really enjoyed your ice cream Fridays, but I'm also looking forward to whatever will be taking its place. Dying of curiosity! I just love your creativity, Susi! :)

  3. Mmmm--chocolate and raspberry. I have enjoyed reading about your ice creams this summer, along with your beautiful photographs.

  4. Congratulations to Carole! Chocolate and raspberry...a combination that wouldn't let anyone down! Beautiful clicks!

  5. Susi, thank you! I sent an e-mail. What a delight to visit here and see that I had won. I am making a batch of peach ice cream and then I'll make a batch of this chocolate-raspberry ice cream with Chambord--yum!

    Thank you. I am in ice cream heaven.

  6. Schade, kein Eiscreme Freitag mehr. I enjoyed it a lot. Ich koennte mir das Eis sehr gut mit weisser Schokolade vorstellen. Sehr lecker.

  7. Wow, that looks incredible. And Nutella ice cream?! I love Nutella, I'm definitely making that! Not to mention ice cream is one of my favorite foods. :)

  8. Congratulations Carole!! I hope you make lots and lots of yummy ice cream :)

    Susi, this ice cream sounds fantastic. Funny you used Chambord. I look at it dreamily every time i'm in the liquor store, wishing to make something with it. :)

  9. I really am going to have to stop visiting on Fridays. I gain weight just looking at your delicious features. The coco and raspberry combo is almost impossible to beat. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. Wow... that looks great and I'm sure it tastes great too.

  11. What a great recipe to end your ice cream feature with! I seriously loved all your Friday ice cream posts :)

  12. chocolate ice cream with chambord, how good is that! I love the creamy texture, what a great ice cream!

  13. Chocolate and raspberries make a great combination- I'm sure this is yummy! Congrats to Carole!

  14. Ok, that's it, I am pulling out my ice cream maker...this looks so yummy!!

  15. Girl.... your photos are fabulous.

  16. Susi, your photos are stunning! I have that ice cream book, but have never made this recipe. Congrats on the Top 9!

  17. Mmmmm... there are fewer combinations better than chocolate and raspberry.

  18. I love making my own ice cream, and I am also a HUGE David Lebovitz fan. Chocolate and raspberry is such a great combo - beautiful photos.

  19. I've never made my own ice cream. Maybe I should try one of these days! your ice cream series are FANTASTIC!

  20. Hi...great combo, sounds so easy yet very delicious ..

  21. Yummy, still thinking about getting those ice cream makers you recommended;)

  22. What a way to end the season. Chocolate and raspberry is a heavenly combo! And your pictures are stunning. I really enjoyed your ice cream series!

  23. When we moved to our new house, the former owners left an ice cream maker. This sounds like a great way to give it a try!

  24. Ah I love the chocolate and raspberry combo! I just wish I had an ice cream maker to go with it!

  25. Apart from being a chocoholic I am also a big fan of chocolate and raspberry - Pierre Marcolini's chocolate raspberry hearts - yummmmmmmm! I think I might have to try this one out!!



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